Strategic Planning can no longer be a static, top-down process. The active involvement of people from across the organisation in the planning process is key to creating a flexible, dynamic environment that reacts quickly to external changes. COCN is a firm advocate of this approach, believing that learning and exploration are the keys to survival. Our strategic planning methodology is based on a constantly visualised, iterative process between key elements such as: stakeholder/customer analysis, internal assessment, strategic options and decisions, scenario planning and environmental scanning, where people are at the centre.

We do not see strategic planning as a one-off, linear process but as an ongoing, iterative process around the key elements. Even when the strategic decisions have been captured in a strategic plan, the plan should not be used as a rigid prescriptive document. Instead, it should provide guidance and enable adaptability to future events. It is not something to be completed and put on a shelf but it is an integral part of the continuing process of governance and management