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Charles O'Connor Consulting Network

Delivering assurance, tax and consulting services for your business

Enabled by Cloud Computing and 100+ years of subject matter expertise, COCN helps Small, Medium and Enterprise organizations capitalise on transformative opportunities to solve their toughest challenges.

Everything You Need to Know About COCN — Integrity, Expertise and Quality Service

Improve credibility and image by associating with a reputable supplier of outsourced services. We provide management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis or as needed by our clients.

Outsourcing Services


Improve credibility and image by engaging COCN as a reputable supplier of outsourced services.

Taxation Services

    Tax Returns

COCN prepares tax returns for filing with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) based on provided data.

Payroll Services

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COCN's payroll services involves the preparation and processing of payrolls of all sizes.

Strategic Planning and Management


COCN's strategic planning methodology is based on a constantly visualised and iterative process between stakeholders and customers.

Corporate Secretarial Services

    Corporate Law

COCN's professional corporate secretarial team specializes in all aspects of Corporate Law and Company Secretarial Practice and is here to serve you.

Internal Auditing


COCN can help you manage your Internal Audit function by providing a systematic, multifaceted approach.

Change Management


During the transformation, COCN helps its Client managers address and reduce the fear of change that naturally exists in the teams and build trust and confidence.



COCN understands that clients navigating their business process during these turbulent economic times can be challenging and regulatory exhausting. COCN is their to support its clients, even in the auditing process.

Cloud Solution


In today's world and especially post COVID-19 pandemic, If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment. 
COCN is here to provide advise, support and services to help your organization to cloud computing.

Business Plans


COCN will write you a custom business plan to help you attain business your goals.



COCN professionals are motivated, knowledgeable, courteous, client oriented, and approach your staff with the respect they deserve.


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COCN professionals are motivated, knowledgeable, courteous, client oriented, and approach your staff with the respect they deserve.

Personal Income Tax Returns


COCN prepares for its clients personal income tax returns, including expatriates tax returns as required statutorily.

GCT Returns


COCN prepares for its clients monthly and or bi-monthly General Consumption Tax returns and handle all correspondence with the Inland Revenue Department on behalf of our clients.

Quarterly Installments


COCN calculates and remit on behalf of its clients payments of quarterly installments of taxes due and payable for the year of income.

Expatriate Payroll Taxes


COCN compute all statutory deductions for expatriate personnel. COCN even handles local taxes for expatriates' companies operations in Jamaica.

Tax Registrations


COCN advises clients whether registration for tax purposes is required and make applications for registration for General Consumption Tax and Income Tax (PAYE).

Taxation Planning & Double Taxation Treaties

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COCN advises clients on Tax exemptions, we advise on strategies to minimise tax burdens.
COCN also advises on opportunities to benefit from tax treaties.



COCN takes on the Payroll process to enable Employers to better focus on what they do best – running their core business.



COCN recognizes that a top priority of any payroll service is ensuring the accuracy of the payrolls. Staying current with tax laws and tax computations is a vital part of ensuring accuracy and this is what COCN does for its clients.


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COCN understands that the degree of privacy and security needed to manage clients' Payroll. With COCN's approach Payroll outsourcing reduces the risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorized personnel.



COCN provides a convenient and seamless approaching to Outsourcing that makes payroll fast and easy. In general, all an employer has to do is gather and communicate payroll information to the payroll service.



An employer has access to a greater number of ancillary services. This has become increasingly important, as administration of other functions (for example, insurance, retirement plans, direct deposit) has become part of the payroll process.


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COCN provides turnkey payroll servicing. Employers trust COCN to ensure their employees are comprehensively taken care of in a timely manner .

Organize and Systematic


COCN understands that Change Management is the organised, systematic application of knowledge, tools and resources of change that provides organisations with key processes to achieve their strategic vision.



COCN recognises that change cannot be imposed or controlled from the top or from the outside. An organisation is a pattern of relationships. In particular, stories and conversations are the heart and soul of organisational life. 



COCN years of experience has taught it that the quality of the everyday conversations and negotiations employees have with each other and with customers will determine the quality of service and the effectiveness of the operation.

Organisational Change


COCN has found that reduction in uncertainty and trauma of major change may be realised by providing (a) a description of the destination – detailed modelling of how the organisation will look and function at the end of the change process, and (b) a route map of this process.


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Working the clients and during the transformation process, COCN helps the managers address and reduce the fear of change that naturally exists in the teams and build trust and confidence.



A few of the methodologies COCN uses are: ● Appreciative Inquiry (AI),● Culture Values Assessment and Alignment  ● Business Process Re-engineering.


    Local Companies
    Sole Traders

● Incorporation of local Companies● Registration of Business Names● Registration of Sole Traders and Firms

Statutory Compliance

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    Yearly Returns
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    Director's Notice

● Preparation and filing of Annual Returns for local and external companies● Preparation and filing of Notices of directors, registered office, secretary and other statutory returns and notices as required by the Companies Act, 2004● Preparation and filing of fundamental changes in external companies
Acting as Company Secretary

Statutory Maintenance


● Amendment of Articles and By-Laws● Providing the address of the registered office for companies● Maintenance of statutory registers● Preparation of standard minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings

Advisory & Technical Services

    Foreign Investors

● Group Restructuring including application for tax exemption where applicable.● Application for foreign investors to hold shares in local companies● Attending shareholders’ and directors’ meetings and taking minutes

Specialised Services

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● Share issues, transfers, redemptions and repurchases● Dividend payments● Advice relating to compliance with the Companies Act and other relevant legislation● Application for a licence to operate a business of a financial nature

Specialised Services


● Application to have local companies struck off the Register● De-registration of external companies● Members Voluntary Liquidations● Tax, PAYE, NIS and GCT registrations● Application for Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC)● Application for work permits



COCN's approach to organizational strengthening combines the ‘outer’ design of structural and procedural changes with facilitating the ‘inner’ shifts in people’s values, aspirations and behaviours.

Key to Success


The key to the success of COCN's approach is to emphasise employee participation in the entire process from analysing success stories, to designing future processes and structures, to implementing the required changes. 

Human Causes


COCN believes that all organisational problems – technological, financial, social and political – have underlying human causes. At the same time, ill-designed and complex organisational structures, systems and processes can also constrain organisational performance. 

Processes and Systems


COCN provides a unique solution tailored to the specific work relations, reporting lines, and communication paths proven to be effective in client environment.

Flexible and Dynamic


COCN is sufficiently flexible and dynamic to effectively respond to situational changes while providing a sense of stability and continuity;



COCN help people feel empowered to make and implement good decisions, and help them sustain personal resilience despite the rapid pace of change.

Strategic Planning

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COCN takes the view that Strategic Planning is not a static, top-down process. The active involvement of people from across the organisation in the planning process is key to creating a flexible, dynamic environment that reacts quickly to external changes.

Learning and Exploration


COCN is a firm advocate of this approach, believing that learning and exploration are the keys to survival. Our strategic planning methodology is based on a constantly visualised, iterative process between key elements 

Stakeholders Involvement


COCN adopts an approach based on Stakeholder/customer analysis, internal assessment, strategic options and decisions, scenario planning and environmental scanning, where people are at the centre. 



COCN do not see strategic planning as a one-off, linear process but as an ongoing, iterative process around the key elements. Even when the strategic decisions have been captured in a strategic plan, the plan should not be used as a rigid prescriptive document. 

Guidance and Adaptability


COCN's provides guidance and enable adaptability to future events. It is not something to be completed and put on a shelf but it is an integral part of the continuing process of governance and management

Visualised Process


COCC's strategic planning methodology is based on a constantly visualised, iterative process between stakeholder/customer.



COCN exists as a facilitator and listener for the businesses we partner with, we offer comprehensive accounting, tax, compliance, and general business advisory services. COCN Chartered Accountants provides audit and assurance services for all types of businesses. A connected environment that strives on the cutting edge of technology for both elements of the practice..

For the businesses we partner with, this means focusing not only on historical accounting information and meeting legal obligations, but bringing value, by listening, advising, and delivering on time at each stage of the business lifecycle, a combination that is reshaping your world of accounting and audit.

We have a team and Board of ACCA, CPA(grad.), MBA, LLB, Taxation Specialist, Audit Specialists, Insurance and Information Technology Specialists with combined 100+ years of executive management level and professional experience with superior insights to support you. 

Why Outsource

    By outsourcing non-core functions such as finance, you are able to focus on your core business and core competencies, thereby growing your business
    Less dependence on internal resources
    Access to wider experience and knowledge, and proactive and expert advice
    Financial information delivered on time every month
    Improve credibility and image by associating with an reputable supplier of outsourced services
    Allow us to manage functions that are difficult to manage or out of control
    Avoid the cost of setting up a finance department, including expensive software and technology costs, office space, employee and training costs
    Avoid costs of non-compliance with regulatory requirements
    Increase level of Service to Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic demands a new DNA for business success and to drive long-term growth every business (whatever your size) needs creativity and innovation. Let COCN help you with your analysis of financial impact, effects on liquidity and operations, and the results of a global economic downturn even if your operations are local.

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Online Services

Welcome to the future of accounting and bookkeeping. COCN’s online services offer you the convenience of 24/7 real time access to assess the financial health of your business.
No longer do you have to wait for your quarterly or annual paper reports; you can run your reports hourly or daily or however often you feel is necessary.

Number One

Charles O’Connor Consulting Network Limited (COCN) aims to become the number one business services outsourcing firm in the region by 2022.
We believe that all businesses of varying sizes should be able to access the same quality services available to companies listed on the stock exchange.

Serving Local & International

Navigating your business process during these turbulent economic times can be challenging. The ever increasing changes in corporate governance and regulations, along with the added pressure to remain profitable have placed businesses under the microscope.
COCN is here to serve local and international clients with operations in Jamaica


A few words from some of our satisfied clients.

“COCN has provided us with excellent work. Their staff is knowledgeable, courteous and professional.”

  • Illustration

    Patrick Duffy

    Marketing Director, ConSoft Ltd

"Our company is headquartered in the USA, but we have a local operation in Jamaica. Outsourcing our local payroll and taxes and accounting services to COCN was one of the best decisions we could have made!"

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    Jane Andres

    CFO, Quest International

“We are a small manufacturing company situated in the middle of Jamaica. Working with COCN having them handle our accounting, payroll and taxes as well as advising us on management processes has helped up significantly”

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    Alice Fort

    Finance Manager, Island Manufacturers Ltd

“We are a UK based company and we have been doing business in Jamaica for over 15 years. In the last 5 years we have been working with COCN and the decision to have switched our outsourcing relationship to COCN was one of the better decisions our company has made in recent times to have help us navigate more smoothly the compliance and regulatory requirements of doing business in Jamaica !”

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    Tim Hoe

    SEO, Sterling Company Ltd

We offer convenient access to your financials from anywhere in the world —