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Company Profile

Charles O’Connor Consulting Network Limited aims to become the number one business services outsourcing firm in the region by 2020. We believe that all businesses of varying sizes should be able to access the same quality services available to companies listed on the stock exchange.

It has been established that 80% – 90% of start up businesses fail within 2-3 years of operation. On the other hand 90% of franchises succeed. The major difference between new start ups and franchises is the absence of tested and proven accounting systems and procedures among new start ups apart from brand recognition and huge marketing budgets.

COCN is determined to narrow this gap and we believe our company is poised to achieve this objective through providing businesses with an opportunity to outsource non-core functions and focus on their core competencies.

The benefits of this approach especially for small and medium size businesses are enormous.

Local Expertise, Global Knowledge
Our Board of ACCA, CPA(grad.), MBA, LLB, Taxation Specialist, Audit Specialists, Insurance and Information Technology Specialists combine over 100 years of executive management level and professional experience with superior insights. COCN utilizes modern information technology to deliver solutions accessible real time from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Addressing Key Challenges
The COCN culture of excellence influences the advance capability we deliver-in Organisational Review and restructuring, Management Audit, Accounting, Auditing, business process outsourcing, mission support and management consulting.

The Best For Every Industry
COCN professionals have extensive experience working with the public sector, Media and communication, Finance and Taxation, transportation regulation, project management. We also partner with successful organizations in Information Technology, Animation Production, Industrial Equipment, Petroleum, manufacturing, Agriculture, Non-Profit Organizations and Multinational Agency. Ultimately these experiences enable us to harness the best ideas, practices and solutions from both the private and public sectors, for the benefit of every client.

Quality You Expect
Our unmatched commitment to quality service brings you efficiency improvements, productivity gains and lower cost of operations.